A new kind of color vision deficiency test.

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Feature List

The Color Blind Check App offers some unique features. It is fast, easy to handle and even made for young children.

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Watch this short video to see how easy you can learn more about your color vision abilities with Color Blind Check.

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Feature List

Color Blind Check offers some unique features - have a closer look at them.
Check the type and severity of your color vision deficiency in only a few minutes.

  • Testing color vision deficiency in two to four minutes.
  • Quick CBC for testing color blindness in 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Simple to handle, no special instructions needed.
  • Pause, restart whenever needed during testing.
  • Cancel/stop during running test.
  • Measuring type and severity of color vision deficiency.
  • Statistics of how many tests have been taken.
  • Direct link to most recent Color Blind Check result.
  • Direct link to highest Color Blind Check score.
  • Left-hand mode for easy testing.
  • Testing in portrait or landscape mode possible.

Disclaimer: Color Blind Check is not yet scientifically validated. As we collect more and more result scores, we will try to validate it against other well-known color blindness tests. The first results look very promising and there is still room for improvement for this test as well. If you want to get a detailed check of your color vision please visit your local eye specialist.

Color Blind Check in Action

Watch this short video to see how easy you can check your color vision with Color Blind Check.

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Color Blind Check available on Android App Store.